Hạt hút ẩm (Alumina Activated)

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Công thức hóa học: Al2O3 ·nH2O
Cas NO:1344-28-1
Hình dạng: Viên tròn
Đóng gói: 25kg/bao


White bead, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, insoluble in water and alcohol, regular in particle size, smooth at surface, with high mechanical strength and strong adsorption of moisture, not expanding and cracking after adsorbing water, original shape kept.


Widely used for drying in electronic, textile and oxidizing industry, also as adsorbent in air-grading industry(dew-point below -55). it’s especially suitable for atmospheric temperature recovering equipment. also could be used as a de-fluorinating agent of drinking water.

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